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What is it for?

go up again! was born as a unique and exclusive idea aimed for many of us. This unique product is the perfect solution for the fallen breasts, which unfortunately with the passage of time suffers the effects of gravity and other factors.


Thanks to our innovative design, go up again! helps to solve other problems related to our breasts, for example, deformities, asymmetries, too large breasts and possible damage caused by some disease or our own genetics.


What is it exactly?


It is the perfect combination of a new nipple to reposition and a nipple to hide the deteriorated part of our breasts.


It is made of hospital silicone gel very soft to touch where placed on top of your nipple, covering it and simulating another nipple that offers the desired effect of firmness and elevation.


An elegant solution for the fallen breasts that allows you to raise the height of the false nipple 1, 2, 3… centimetres in relation to your natural nipple. In addition, you can use thinner bras, without fillers.


They are so comfortable to use, since they do not pull up or support weight, that you literally forget that you are wearing them. And as they are adhesive, you can also use them without a bra and wear beautiful dresses with open back. 


We know that there is a remarkable variety of solutions, from the most risky and expensive such as surgery, to the most every day and economical as performing certain exercises regularly to prevent breasts from falling. go up again! joins this cast and solves your aesthetic need instantly and effectively at a cost fully acceptable to all.


How to fit it


Step 1



As you see in the explanatory pictures, the upper part of the nipple covers simulates a nipple, this part is the one that you should place where you like it or where it fits you best, the decision is exclusively yours!


Step 2


The lower part, wider than the upper part, is where your natural nipple will be placed or “hidden”, the final set will produce a visual effect of firmness and elevation


Step 3


We guarantee that if you wear go up again! any outfit you wear will be much better than before. Cheer up and let your breasts live their second youth with our simple product. We offer you the magnificent sensation of having firm and raised breasts again, with a stylized figure.


Who is it for?


Go up again! is indicated for women who have any kind of aesthetic problem in our breast that we want to hide, for example:


  • fallen breasts
  • Uneven breasts
  • Breasts too big
  • Breasts with scars
  • Breasts with flat or inverted nipples


The nipple cover is an extra soft touch silicone gel pad. When fitted, cover your original nipple and simulate another nipple on top. All this very discreetly, only you will know that you are wearing it.


Also, the silicone gel pad allows you to raise the position of the nipple up to 3 centimetres, achieving an incredible visual effect. This allows you to use thinner and more comfortable bras, without fillers. You will also get a slimmer and more stylized figure.


Buy it!



This simple and useful product offers you the possibility to simulate having the breasts of a few years ago, getting a unique effect. It is perfect to look more beautiful, gain confidence and increase our self-esteem!


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  • Visual effect of firmness and breast lift.
  • Provides confidence, self-esteem and consequently well-being.
  • Stylize your figure.
  • It is very simple to place and remove.
  • Fitting on and taking off easily. You can clean it when it suits you.
  • It has an affordable price, especially compared to other remedies such as cosmetic surgery.


As you all know, our breasts are one of the most delicate areas of our body and also one of the most seen. The years pass equally for the vast majority of us and with-it certain parts of our body change, such as the breasts. Yes, they lose turgidity and firmness, and there is no easy remedy. Until now!



Our nipple cover serves to lift the breasts, a solution to the problem mentioned above. This accessory is designed to solve problems of fallen breasts and firmness. Also, wearing it is so comfortable that you forget that you are using it. Recommended for sizes from A to F


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